Kenmore is a name associated with Sears,  they have been distributing this brand of appliances since 1927. Currently, the Kenmore products are produced by Panasonic, Sanyo, GE, Bosch, Electrolux, Mabe Mexico, and Whirlpool Corp. Kenmore is a brand controlled by Sears and this brand is sold at all Sears Holdings stores. Kenmore appliances are also sold at Kmart, The Great Indoors, and Orchard Supply Hardware.

Unlike other appliances manufacturers who start with having small products before evolving to bigger pieces, Kenmore’s very first product launched under that name was a washing machine. This machine was introduced in 1927, and it was then followed by the Kenmore vacuum cleaners in 1932. Today, Kenmore is adapting to the more modern changes and is presenting a fresh face to their target consumers. They even have their Kenmore Live Studio where videos showing Kenmore appliances can be viewed online and revelations of their latest products can be seen live. Throughout the years, Kenmore has proven to be one of the strong names in the appliance manufacturing industry.

Kenmore Appliances

Kenmore appliances have truly gone from traditional to modern and sophisticated throughout the years. Today, they offer appliances for the kitchen, laundry area, and other home maintenance appliances to help you have a well-maintained home.

Their kitchen appliances include dishwashers, freezers and refrigerators, cookware and bakeware, and countertop appliances like toasters, coffee makers, and food processors. They also offer matching cooking accessories like bakeware sets and cookware sets to best complement your Kenmore ranges! For outdoor cooking, they have three to five-plus burner grills and a range of accessories which can be used for an efficient grilling experience.

Outside the kitchen, they have front and topload washers, dryers, and a range of specialty and commercial laundry appliances too. Their other home appliances include a range of air conditioners, fans, humidifiers and dehumidifiers, water heaters and other water systems, and efficient heaters.

Because of the range of appliances that they offer, you can truly have a well maintained and highly functional home and with the durability that they offer, appliance repair may not be needed for years of owning Kenmore appliances.

Common Kenmore Refrigerator Problems

Refrigerators function 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It keeps your food fresh for much longer and because of this, it is essential to ensure that your Kenmore refrigerator is in great condition to avoid the need for repetitive refrigerator repair. Here are the most common Kenmore refrigerator problems you may experience after having owned a Kenmore refrigerator for years.

  • Refrigerator isn’t working. The very first thing to check if your unit is plugged in. Refrigerators won’t just stop because their motors are built to last and when your refrigerator isn’t working, you ought to check if it’s plugged in. When it is plugged in but it still refuses to work, there may be some wiring problems which only professional Kenmore refrigerator repair technician can fix.
  • Refrigerator isn’t cooling. Check if the light opens when you open your refrigerator door. Next, check the thermostat settings. You may have set it to some other temperature and may have forgotten to cool it up. Also check if the compressor motor is functional. It is at the back of your refrigerator, and when you hear a soft humming sound, it means the compressor is running. Make sure you check the defrost settings too. If everything seems to be in order but the refrigerator is still not cooling, the cooling components ought to be checked by a professional.
  • Strange noises. As with all the other appliances, strange noises are always something to be wary of. This may be indicative of a broken part inside the refrigerator. Usually, this only happens to very old machines.
  • Models with ice dispensers may also show some problems—like not being able to make or dispense ice. Ice may simply be clumped in the ice bin when defrosting and refreezing occurs. Make some time to check your ice dispenser whenever you defrost to avoid this.

When you see some of these problems and you can no longer troubleshoot or find a workaround by yourself, professional refrigerator repair services may be needed.

How to Maintain Kenmore Refrigerators

Usually, you won’t need refrigerator repair or general appliance repair services if you are able to maintain your machines well. Here are some tips to keep your Kenmore appliances working perfectly:

  • Check that you have stable power supply. This helps avoid short circuit problems and appliances which are “not working.”
  • Give your appliances regular cleaning. Set aside a few minutes to clean it after every use, and give it a thorough cleaning at least once a month to avoid dirt and other residue buildup.
  • You don’t have to use chemical cleaners! Usually, warm water and a bit of soap will be enough especially for cleaning out cooking ranges and the interior of your refrigerators. Wipe it clean with a damp cloth and it will be enough to keep the heat properly distributed and the cold interior of your refrigerator in good condition.
  • Schedule annual refrigerator maintenance with a professional service provider. This can help ensure that you can get the most efficient performance from your refrigerator. Inspection and replacement of broken parts can be facilitated during this time as well.

Professional Kenmore Refrigerator Repair Provider

When you don’t know how to deal with refrigerator repair or your other appliance repair concerns, you can give us a call and we will gladly pay you a visit in order to address your concerns. We have the professional training and an extensive network of resources to give you the best service and the most appropriate parts for the times when replacing parts is the solution.

We prioritize your appliances’ efficiency, and we won’t make you wait. Tell us when it is convenient for you to have your appliance repair date and we will be there. We understand how important fully functional appliances are to you, and we are here to ensure that you get the best performance from your appliances for many years to come.

We provide repair and maintenance services for:

  • Kenmore French-Door Refrigerators
  • Kenmore Side-by-Side Refrigerators
  •  Kenmore  Top-Freezer Refrigerators
  •  Kenmore Bottom-Freezer Refrigerators
  • Kenmore Counter Refrigerators
  • Kenmore   Compact Refrigerators
  • Kenmore Freezer-less Refrigerators
  • Kenmore Freezers
  • Kenmore Wine Cellars

Our advantages:

• Quality Repair. Our technicians are professionals; they are experienced and well-trained to work with Kenmore appliances. Of course, they are also properly licensed, certified and fully insured.
• Fast and Convenient Service. We guarantee that we can come for repair the same day you call. We will give you small 3 hours appointment window, call you when we are on our way and never be late for appointment.
• Free Estimate. Our diagnostic and estimate is free if you choose to do a repair with us. Before starting any repair job you will be given a written estimate for approval.
• 5 Year Extended Part Warranty. We extend manufacturer’s warranty for 5 Years on any replacement part.
• Stocked Vans. We load our vans as much as possible with the most common Kenmore parts to be able to finish the repair right away in one trip.
• Flat-Rate Pricing. The price for repair has simple breakdown: Labor + Part + Tax. It’s a flat fee, we never charge hourly for labor, we don’t add any extra charges for emergency, late hours or weekends jobs.

Call us now and get your Kenmore Refrigerator Repaired today – 714-312-5968


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I had a repairman from this company at my house to look at my KitchenAid refrigerator. The freezer section was warming and ice maker stopped producing any ice. After the repairman worked on it, magically everything start to work again. 5 stars for promptness and quality of service.