Buying a refrigerator is a serious investment. We also believe that to really get the most bang for your buck, it is best to consider spending a little extra for refrigerators that give you the right mix of style, functionality, and energy-saving features. Luckily, these are the three things offered to you by Whirlpool refrigerators. Their refrigerators are some of the very best in the market plus they come in all sizes with different features that best suit your different needs. Another thing we like about Whirlpool is that they do not scrimp when it comes to the quality of their appliances.

There are Whirlpool refrigerators designed for the home, designed for professional uses, and even some smaller ones for specialized uses such as in wine cellars, bars etc. But one thing they all have in common is that they are top-of-the-line and they undergo rigorous testing to make sure they are of the best quality and that they will last years for years. We like how Whirlpool takes every step necessary to ensure that each and every appliance that comes out of their factories are top of the line.

Common Problems

When people buy Whirlpool refrigerators they expect to get quality but sometimes, refrigerators develop problems and the kind of problems you face depend on the kind of care they are given. Whirlpool refrigerators are some of the best appliance money can buy but if they are not cared for, they will develop problems. Below are some common problems you can expect to face with refrigerators, Whirlpool or otherwise.

  • Makes excessive noise – Your refrigerator doesn’t move and doesn’t have any moving parts (that you know of). The fact of the matter here is that it does have moving parts in that it has a compressor that is responsible for moving coolant through the unit plus a fan that moves the air. These two have motors that spin and need lubricant to work efficiently. Now if they begin to fail, they will not shut down but will creak and chug along making excessive noise like what happens when metal rubs against metal.
  • Your fridge leaks – Fridges are supposed to keep things nice and cold; they are not supposed to leak water. Unless your pitcher has developed a leak, there should be water leaking out of it and when you see water that means there is something wrong with the fridge. What you can do is check the lines that lead to the water dispenser because they might be broken or damaged. If they are , you may need to call  refrigerator repair company.
  • Fridge is too cold – Your fridge is supposed to be cold but if it freezes things, you might have a problem in your hand. Ask any refrigerator repair expert and they will tell you that a refrigerator that is too cold is bad news. The problem might just be down to a too low thermostat setting, so you will need to check it first. The coldness of your freezer affects the coldness of your refrigerator and if your freezer is too cold, the top shelf of the refrigerator might be affected. Another reason for this could be the fact that the circulating fan is too strong and blows the cold air through the freezer and right down to the fridge. In this case the fan needs to be replaced.
  • Your fridge doesn’t cool at all –Just as a too-cold refrigerator can be a problem, a bigger problem is if it doesn’t cool at all. This could be a problem with the condenser coils which are responsible for the very cooling of the unit. What happens here is that dust and dirt accumulate on the coils and this prevents them from working as they should. This is easy to handle since you can just clean out the coils but if doing that doesn’t change anything, they might be damage and then you need the help of Whirlpool  refrigerator repair experts.

These problems are not just confined to Whirlpool refrigerators but other refrigerators as well. Of course, you can prevent such problems by constantly checking on your refrigerator and making the necessary maintenance steps such as cleaning the coils, checking on the thermostat, defrosting regularly, and you are good to go.

Getting your Whirlpool refrigerator repaired

Most of the time, you can repair simple refrigerator problems on your own but there are times when more serious problems develop and this is when we suggest you call in the pros. Whirlpool refrigerators have lots of special parts that need the hand of masters in the field of repair to avoid making the problem worse. You might think that you are saving money by calling just any repairman you can find off the phonebook but we say that is a bad idea. Remember that your Whirlpool refrigerator is special and has special functions and pieces that an un-trained and un-licensed repairman might damage further. This could mean more spending on your part and it also means that your warranty could become voided.

Here at D&V Appliance Repair, we understand that your Whirlpool refrigerators are special and we understand that you want them in tip top shape at all times and this is why we offer our services to you. We make sure that all our repairmen are expertly trained and they have the certificates to prove it. Another thing we are proud of is that they are all insured so you can count on them to do the job and to do it well. If you need help with your Whirlpool refrigerator that doesn’t seem to act like it should or you just want someone to come in to do a general maintenance check, then give us a call and we will make sure to meet all your needs and provide you with top notch repair and customer service.

We provide repair and maintenance services for:

  • Whirlpool French Door Refrigerators
  • Whirlpool Side-By-Side Refrigerators
  • Whirlpool Bottom-Freezer Refrigerators
  • Whirlpool  Top-Freezer Refrigerators
  • Whirlpool Freezers

Our advantages:

• Quality Repair. Our technicians are professionals; they are experienced and well-trained to work with  Whirlpool appliances. Of course, they are also properly licensed, certified and fully insured.
• Fast and Convenient Service. We guarantee that we can come for repair the same day you call. We will give you small 3 hours appointment window, call you when we are on our way and never be late for appointment.
• Free Estimate. Our diagnostic and estimate is free if you choose to do a repair with us. Before starting any repair job you will be given a written estimate for approval.
• 5 Year Extended Part Warranty. We extend manufacturer’s warranty for 5 Years on any replacement part.
• Stocked Vans. We load our vans as much as possible with the most common Whirlpool parts to be able to finish the repair right away in one trip.
• Flat-Rate Pricing. The price for repair has simple breakdown: Labor + Part + Tax. It’s a flat fee, we never charge hourly for labor, we don’t add any extra charges for emergency, late hours or weekends jobs.

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